Warrior Spirit Yoga

Yoga for healing

Yoga is a practice that unites the body and the mind. Most of us get bogged down with various life stressors that cause a disconnect between the two. These imbalances often result in small 'traffic jams' in our energy field. If the traffic jams are left unattended they will eventually grow into physical, mental, or emotional blockages. Yoga is one of the best ways to reconnect mind body awareness and balance the whole-person. 

Intimate setting

Yoga is beneficial to everyone, and here at Warrior Spirit we welcome all experience levels. We offer a variety of classes to accommodate your needs. Your comfort is most important to us, and we provide an intimate and inviting studio to grow your yoga practice. Class space is limited to 10 so that we may give individual attention as needed. Mats and props are provided free of charge. Please read over the class types so you can decide which would be most beneficial to you. 

Honoring local warriors

PTSD is a condition we hold close to our hearts at Warrior Spirit. A regular yoga practice has proven to reduce the symptoms of PTSD in a healthy manner. Because we strongly believe in the healing capacity of yoga, we offer half price classes to ALL veterans, active military, and first responders because of the prevalence of PTSD among these lines of work. We will also honor the same discount to civilian trauma victims with medical proof of PTSD diagnosis.