Body Maintenance Workers


Aimee Wilson, LMT & Owner of Warrior Spirit Wellness

Formerly Wilson Therapeutics, Aimee changed the name of the business to Warrior Spirit Wellness when additional therapists joined the team and the yoga program was established. 

Warrior Spirit Wellness is a true labor of love. Aimee wanted to create a unique healing space for the community, where people suffering from physical or emotional pain have an opportunity to learn how to help themselves. Through yoga, massage, and Reiki energy healing, we help bring you back to 'home base' by increasing your body awareness so you can understand what your body is trying to communicate with you.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Aimee specializes in injury specific massage and pain relief. She intuitively uses a combination of slow deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, medical grade tools for trigger points and scar tissue adhesions, and various modalities such as Chinese Fire Cupping and hot stones for stubborn problem areas. She received training at Advanced Massage Therapeutics with a strong focus on injury rehab, and has experience working on a wide range of clients with various ailments. 

Aimee encourages ongoing massage therapy sessions as a conservative method towards your body maintenance. Just like keeping your car oiled, tuned up, and gassed, the same is necessary for our vessel of life. Routine massage care keeps the body in prime condition to prevent injuries that could otherwise lead to lengthy and expensive medical treatment. We offer fairly priced packages based on the length and frequency of desired treatments. 

Not only will your body thank you for embarking on massage therapy care, but you will find yourself in a calmer state of mind and more even tempered. 

Honor your inner warrior through self care.

Licensed Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Improves Quality of Life


Stress Relief * Pain Relief * Reduce Anxiety * Reduce Muscle Tension * Detoxification * Enhance Physical Performance * Eases Depression * Promotes Relaxation * Flushes Inflammation * Increases Range of Motion * Improves Circulation 

Karen Cress, LMT


Karen provides healing touch massage work guaranteed to provide both physical and emotional relief. She has a neuromuscular focus using various techniques including trigger point release, assisted stretching, and breath work.  Karen ensures clients feel as comfortable as possible, takes great care to address problem areas, and encourages deep healing and relaxation. Karen has a peaceful and positive energy about her that makes her an asset to have on our team of body maintenance providers.

Nik Atkins, LMT


Nik specializes in Active Trigger Point Release, myofascial and craniosacral techniques, and stretching. His work is ideal for athletes, muscle-bound clients, or anyone with referred pain caused by deep rooted fascial tension. Nik has been doing injury specific deep tissue work for almost six years, and his methods are highly effective for pain relief and increasing range of motion.

Energy Healing

Does it really work?!

We aren't going to promise you any miraculous recoveries. It truly is mind over matter. If you don't believe you have the ability to heal yourself or think that energy work is a bunch of 'woo woo' nonsense, then at the very least all we can offer is a state of deep relaxation. You may even take the best nap of your life! That's not bad for a worst case scenario, right? 

We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It just is. Our energetic body fields are no different. Western culture has unfortunately separated medical treatment into physical, mental, and emotional compartments while forgetting the all-encompassing 'whole-person' energy field, or aura. Energy work is not a replacement for traditional medical care, but can be utilized as a supplement to enhance your healing regimen.

This type of healing has been utilized in the Eastern world since ancient times. The energy body is what gives you life. In India they refer to it as Prana, in Japan it's Ki, in China it's Chi. Native Americans also identified with it as the Great Spirit. It doesn't matter what you call it. It's energy. It's there. And we can help you feel better if you have an open mind!

We use a variety of techniques such as Reiki, Cranialsacral manipulations, chakra balancing, guided meditations, sound and aromatherapies catered to each individual's needs. We believe that clearing out energetic "traffic jams" will allow your body to fully wake up to its innate internal healing mechanism.