Let Us Guide You

Sara Dauwe

Sara always found solace in yoga, but for many years did not engage in her practice consistently. That changed in 2016, when she decided the benefits of connecting breath to body movement were too great to not make yoga a priority. She left a long-time banking career and made her nearly 15 year long flirtation with yoga into her passion. She completed the 300 hour training at World Peace Yoga in Cincinnati, OH. Sara has a unique, fun style and enjoys bringing laughter to the mat. Sara's students enjoy her peaceful, carefree attitude and her ability to pace and modify classes to their needs. Sara is truly a ray of sunshine and understands the inherent value a regular yoga and meditation practice provides. All while having fun, of course! In her own words, "you don't have to be a pretzel to practice yoga!"

Outside of the studio, Sara enjoys spending time with her family. She has a lively six year old son that keeps her busy and her heart full. She loves soaking up sunshine, reading, and finding new adventures.

Learn more at http://saradauweyoga.com

Sara is the lead instructor at Warrior Spirit. She currently teaches the Hatha flow classes on Mondays & Wednesdays at 6, and Saturdays at 8:30am. 


Karen Cress

Karen is a medical massage therapist and a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor. She is a true beam of light and loves to share the value of meditation, yoga, and the breath with everyone around her. Karen completed Yoga Ah!'s 200 hour Rocket I and Rocket II YTT in the summer of 2019.

Karen teaches the importance of humility and meeting your body where it is today. She knows not to judge the tighter/weaker sides of the body as the 'bad sides', but to view those areas as your best teacher. She urges you to ask yourself questions to understand what the body is trying to communicate to you. She teaches you to be more loving to yourself both on the mat and in life. Yoga is a journey to the spirit, and holding a regular practice brings deepened self awareness, self acceptance, and honor.

"Together, we will ignite our inner fire, welcome the inner teacher, and burn what no longer serves us from the inside out. I'll see you in class. Namaste" ~KAC

Karen currently teaches Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30am.


Kylie Beagle

Kylie started practicing yoga in 2013. Up until then, she had trouble finding a hobby or interest that could keep her attention. She reveled in being able to 'turn off' her thoughts for an hour while focusing on breath and moving through different poses. Her passion and love for the practice continued over the years before she decided to become a teacher in 2019. She has experience teaching a wide variety of yogis from all ages and ability types, and is comfortable teaching different styles of yoga. Kylie believes a yoga journey guides you to listen to the body, observe the thoughts, and appreciate your abilities. It is truly a practice that follows you off the mat and into every day life. Kylie is honored to help you on your journey to strength, confidence, and mindfulness. 

Kylie currently teaches Mondays at 9 am and Tuesdays at 7:30 pm.


Aimee Wilson

As a Licensed Massage Therapist and former athlete, Aimee understands body mechanics and is a mobility specialist. She discovered her own practice after sustaining severe whiplash...gentle yoga was the only activity that didn't cause intense pain. She credits slow movement with deliberate focus of sending breath to the areas of pain as the best way to relieve and release inflammation. Aimee believes you can literally heal yourself from the inside out with a committed yoga practice.

Aimee specializes in teaching Yin, also known as Restorative Stretching. She enjoys helping people develop their body awareness so they can better manage, if not eliminate, physical pain. 

Aimee currently teaches Thursdays at 6pm and Sundays at 10am.


Reva Campbell


Reva is our Kundalini teacher, and she began practicing Kundalini yoga in 2016.  She found the practice to be so transformative in her own life that she decided to become a Kundalini yoga teacher. She received her teacher training through KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). During her training she traveled to  Kundalini Miami studio in Miami, FL & Raj yoga studio in Sterling, Va. to gain additional experience. Reva also has certification as a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  In addition to this she has completed both Reiki 1 & Reki 2 certification.   Reva is very passionate about the practice of Kundalini yoga and excited to share her knowledge with others to help them create a daily practice that will be life changing!

There are numerous benefits to practicing Kundalini yoga.  It is a great way to improve flexibility, strengthen the nervous system as well as the immune system.  Reva believes the practice of Kundalini yoga to have benefits that go beyond strengthening the physical body. Some of the primary benefits include: removing blocks, quieting the mind and awakening intuition, ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs and fears, and releasing trauma from our energetic bodies. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness and transformation and one can expect magical shifts to occur.

Reva teaches Tuesdays at 6pm.