Class Descriptions


Fresh Start Flow

Leave last week's troubles behind by coming to your mat. With a combination of deep, restorative yin-like postures and core-strengthening transitions, this class will leave every yogi feeling powerful. Together we will grow awareness in the breath and tune in to the body to ignite our inner fire and shine bright from the inside out. This class will be slower paced, and beginner friendly using props for assistance. You will leave this class feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on a brand new week!

Peaceful Current

 This is our traditional Hatha Yoga class. In this class, you can find yourself flowing through gentle to challenging postures with a focus on the breath and emphasis on safe alignment. Offering periods of stillness, silence, and fluid movement, you have the opportunity to truly tune in to the body and mind. This class offers an opportunity to have fun in your yoga practice! Allows for modifications, and is a mixed level class well-suited to newer students or for those who desire to slow down and find concentration within their practice. 

Mindful Movements

Combination vinyasa & yin: This class begins with gentle vinyasas, or slow flow sequences, to get the muscles warmed up and the blood circulating. We wind down with yin postures that target deep connective tissues in the body for fascial release and full body relaxation. 


Get your day started off right with a refreshing morning class, promised to ignite your inner fire and lift your soul. Burn off anything you no longer need from the inside out. 

Serene Stretching

Restorative yoga differs from continuous movement flow classes because the poses are held for several minutes at a time in order to promote fascial release and deep relaxation. This class is ideal for those suffering from PTSD, high stress, joint pain, limited mobility, or autoimmune diseases. Comfort is key here so many props are used to ensure you do not exceed your body's limit. Guided breathing and meditation techniques are integrated into this 'sleeping' practice. 


This class is for our spiritual warriors! A Kundalini yoga practice can help us to focus within and know that the answers we are looking for are there.  When our minds become quiet and our hearts come into alignment with our soul, then we are able to live in abundance and harmony. Kundalini yoga teaches us that abundance is our birthright.  Attracting abundance into our lives does not start with the mind but rather with the subtle (energetic) body. In a Kundalini class you  will learn to quiet the mind and be present in the moment.   Kundalini yoga uses breath work,  sound, mantra, meditation and physical movements to build vitality and increase consciousness.